Magical Nathaniel is the perfect choice for your next party, school function, or other special occasion. His magic shows are very fun, entertaining, and engaging for spectators of all ages! At only 23 years old, his youthful energy combined with years of experience performing hundreds of shows around the Bay Area will ensure that your next event is a success. He is currently a UC Berkeley graduate with a degree in Applied Math and a minor in Theater and with that, designs many of his own illusions. When you watch one of his shows, you are guaranteed to see magic that you have never seen before! Magical Nathaniel is great for anyone looking to have a memorable magic show!


The Show

I offer a number of different shows and performance styles to fit your event. You can choose one of these styles, or I can create a custom show to fit your vision for the event! I can adapt my act to be good for 3 or 30,000 people, so I am certain I will be able to provide a show that will fit your needs.

-Kids Birthday Party

This is a fun, interactive magic show with lots of participation! Your birthday child will have a blast as they get to help with a special magic routine and there is plenty of opportunity for involvement for everyone else! This high energy show is full of original magic and is my most popular show option! Your birthday child will even get a free souvenir. A great show for the whole family! Party favor options are also available.

-Magic Class, Workshop, or Private Lessons

If you or your child is interested in learning magic, consider taking a personal magic class! You will learn the basics of magic and some card tricks you can do right away. You will also be given resources on where to continue practice of magic and some pro tips. This can be adapted for anyone from preschoolers to college students and beyond! This is available as an add on for birthday parties!

This is perfect for schools or day camps! The class can be a set length from 20 minutes to 90 minutes or more. This carefully crafted lecture is full of magic instruction and performance. Each trick can be done with everyday objects, and all props will be provided. After a trick is taught in detail, something magical and impossible is done with that very object, to leave wonder throughout the lesson. Each class ends in a show stopping finale that is sure to get each student eager to learn and practice the new magic!

I also offer private lessons! I am happy to work around your schedule and teach private lessons to you or your child. This is the perfect chance to get real one-on-one support on magic where the lesson is custom tailored exactly to your needs. Included in the lessons rate is the lesson itself which usually lasts an hour, all material and props, as well as a personalized typed PDF document with all of the notes that we have covered over the lesson! Do not miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional!

-Strolling, Close-Up, or Table Hopping Magic

With multiple awards for close-up magic, this option is perfect corporate events or any occasion that you are looking to make just a little more magical. This magic is up close and personal and does not need any set up. Magic happens inches for the spectator's face! Includes original effects that fool both magicians and skeptics that you can’t see anywhere else!

-Library, School Function, or Special Event

This show is perfect for a large audience of mostly children and works great for libraries, graduations, summer camps, school carnivals, or any other public event, indoors or out, for kids of all ages and grade levels! This is a high energy show with tons of audience interaction! Each kid will leave the show will a big smile on their face and the feeling that they had an important part to play in the show, even if they didn't get to come up and help. Special magic activity books will even be provided!

-Parlour Magic Show

This show is for a small to large audience of all ages. Includes engaging routines for younger children and puzzling illusions that are sure to baffle even the most skeptical of audience members!

-Street Show

This is a show that's perfect for fairs or street festivals! The show is created to draw in crowds from the very beginning and hold an audience all the way through, where crowds of hundreds will be gathered to see! It ends in a death defying routine that no other performer does. Your opportunity to make your next outdoor event spectacular! 

-Stage Magic Show

Voted best Bay Area stage magician in 2012, you will get to see a high-energy stage act full of baffling illusions and dazzling effects. This show can have unicycling, juggling, pyrotechnics, and audience interaction! Customizable length shows for your event available.          

-Emcee or Opening Act

This is perfect if you are looking for a short stage or parlour act to help open a show. Any event works- from emcee of a show to opening act of a circus!

-Thematic Show

You can have the magic show also tie into the theme of your event! Whether your theme is science, Halloween, Disney, art, or anything else, it can be worked into the show!

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