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Discover Magic Mini Tricks


This is a brand new set of 8 very easy magic tricks created by Discover Magic, the international magic curriculum that I currently teach with. Each trick comes with all props needed, instructions that are written as well as a link to a demo video, puzzles, jokes, as well as traits of a true magician.


The full set of 8 tricks is available for $15, with $5 for shipping. You can also get an individual trick for $3 and any two for $5 (small shipping rates apply). Please visit my Square store to purchase one of these fun sets!


If you already own one of these tricks, and want to complete your set, click here.




This is a my first release to the magic community. This is a professional level magic effect that is a direct and baffling card prediction that happens in the audience's hands.


This is made for real world working professionals and can be performed in all sorts of environments such as close up or strolling. It takes some practice, but the end result will be a strong and deceptive effect.


You can purchase and learn it at Penguin Magic.

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