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Join Magical Nathaniel's special magic workshop on Wednesday, December 23rd at 12:00 PM (PST)!


You will learn incredible and easy to do magic with materials you can find around the house! This interactive class is a great way to get kids excited about learning magic that they can show to their friends or family on the next Zoom call. You will also get to see Nathaniel perform a few tricks as well as briefly discuss the basics of performing and presenting illusions. Don't miss this fun online opportunity!


$25 per child and $40 for a group.


You will learn how to make a dollar bill float, have rubber bands jump, paperclips link, cards magically located and much more!


You can sign up here.


"Magical Nathaniel has an amazing magic workshop. He teaches kids 3 main magic tricks, but they can walk away with close to 5 or 6 different ones. In between each magic trick that he teaches, he also performs magic tricks of his own, which is like two shows in one.


I enjoyed how he was able to show us the easiest trick, and how to elaborate and make the trick more complex, as well as encouraging children to add a story and really make the trick theirs. He encourages curiosity, questions, creativity, and the uniqueness of each child and their trick.


He spotlights children throughout the show and assist them virtually how they can improve their subtle motions so the trick looks more natural. I even walked away showing my husband my new tricks! At the end of the show, he was able to recommend magic books, and take any questions the children had.


I highly recommend both his workshop and his magic show."

– Sara Vickers Children’s Librarian Woodland Public Library (Hired for an hour long library workshop)


"The class taught me lots of new magic, he spent time with me, answered all my questions and made my birthday a great one."

– Lucas, age 13



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